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Important Notices

  • Sale on Discontinued GF Items New

    There are certain products that we will no longer be carrying with our GF Line. They are currently on sale with limited quantities available until we run out. Order yours today - these items are meant to be kept frozen until use so stock up before they are gone!

    We will still be carrying the majorirty of our GF Mrs.Hewitts products like the breads, rolls, and brownies.

  • NEW Wasatch Sliced Deli Meat New

    We are now carrying fresh daily sliced 1lb packs of Deli Meat from Wasatch Meats.

    Available Now : Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Pastrami and Corned Beef.

  • Temporarily Discontinuing Beehive Meals

    We have a few left from their April menu but once we sell out we are temporarily not going to carry Beehive Meals. If you haven't ordered any get them before they dissapear!

  • Super Sale on Lower Meats

    We have decided to no longer carry the majority of our Lower Meats selection (we will still carry Beef Franks, Taco Beef and the French Dip boxes).

    There are still a limited amount of products available so next week (April 12-16) we are having a mega sale on them! Get them while you can - the deli meats can be frozen for later use.

    We will be announcing new deli meats soon.

  • Returnable Carton Program and Farm Eggs

    Farm Eggs are now available and come in returnable cartons. The program works like our milk bottles and will incur a $0.75 deposit per carton and a $0.75 credit with each carton returned. Our goal is to keep this as a year-round program with a continuous supply of Farm Eggs from Old Home Place.

    We hope as the season gets warmer we can always get a supply of large eggs. Some of the younger hens have smaller eggs and if we get a supply of them the price will be adjusted accordinly.

  • New Inventory System

    We have developed a new inventory system which will allow us to open up orders across all routes instead of limiting routes for items. We hope this will allow people to order more of our speciality products and reduce the chances of missing any items we may be running low on while allowing us to keep the most farm fresh inventory possible. Products can still run out and we will adjust ordering accordingly and certain items still have deadlines. It is always best to order sooner than later (or keep items on your standing order) to ensure we don't run out of stock on the items you want in your delivery.

  • Regular Milkboxes Available to Purchase

    Regular Milkboxes are now available to add to your order (they can hold approximately 6 HG milk, 1 dozen eggs and a loaf of bread) . Go to Categories - Milkboxes to add one to your order.

  • Extra Sanitation

    As with anything you bring into your house from the "outside world", we recommend that you wipe down your milk bottles, sanitize surfaces and wash your hands thoroughly after putting your groceries away. We attempt to sanitize every bottle our drivers handle but it's always good to be extra safe!

    We are also staying informed regarding COVID-19 and are taking measures to mitigate risk and exposure to you and your families, as well as our employees. We have detailed information on how we are handling the situation and keeping you safe.

    You can click the title link to access our blog for more information.

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