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Important Notices

  • Pie Deadlines and Ordering

    Pies have an an order cutoff ending on Sunday's at 7pm the week prior to availability.

    ie. Sunday 9/28 is the deadline for pies available starting the week of 10/3. The pies available for the week of 9/26 had a cutoff of 9/20.

    Every week will feature a new rotational menu and is delivered in a freezer bag for quality control purposes with a $6 deposit credited back with your following delivery (like the half gallon bottles).

  • Milkbox Pre-Orders

    We sold out of milkboxes and will be ordering more in soon. We are taking pre-orders for the next round of milkboxes, which may include larger milkboxes as well - click on the link in the title to fill out a form. If you have a smaller milkbox and wanted to exchange it for a larger fill out of the form as well so we can determine how many we will need to be made.

  • Ordering Deadlines

    For certain items we have to get a pre-order to our busines partners that make them to our exact order; which means we had to change the ordering system to include a cut off deadline - as well as a deadline for removal from your order - once we place these orders they are paid and accounted for in our inventory.

    If you missed a deadline of these items or ordered one and do not see it in your order please email us. There are time when we will have extra inventory and can add an item into your order; and if we have run out and changed the seasonality of an item, it will still be in your order visible in our system but may not show in your customer portal.

  • Extra Sanitation

    As with anything you bring into your house from the "outside world", we recommend that you wipe down your milk bottles, sanitize surfaces and wash your hands thoroughly after putting your groceries away. We attempt to sanitize every bottle our drivers handle but it's always good to be extra safe!

    We are also staying informed regarding COVID-19 and are taking measures to mitigate risk and exposure to you and your families, as well as our employees. We have detailed information on how we are handling the situation and keeping you safe.

    You can click the title link to access our blog for more information.

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